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East and North Bay transit agencies
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Long, long, long ago, there were lots of streetcars in the East bay. Now, it looks like the East Bay never had streetcars. In 2010, AC transit, the East Bay's main transit agency announced that they were going to install a busway that is to connect Oakland with San Leandro. They say that it's "just like a streetcar, but cheaper".

The truth is, they are about to make an expensive mistake that cannot be reversed. AC transit doesn't know it, but the Los Angeles MTA bus mechanics do. Because of the bad value and the high O&M costs of a busway, it will cost businesses a lot money in taxes. Second, because of all the wheel humps on the bus, it's really hard for people in wheelchairs to get through. Plus, the manufacturers must expect people to do a lot of climbing in order to get to the seats.

Third, nobody seems to like busways. And here's the reason: because of the wheel humps, when it's really crowded, you can barely move. So that's why we must install a regional wide streetcar system in the East Bay and the North bay.

We the undersigned, call on East and North Bay transit agencies to install a region wide streetcar system.

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