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Ward 6 Alderman Richard Pootmans and Coach Hill/Patterson Community Association

The busy and noisy intersection at Coach Hill Road and Old Banff Coach Road SW has been disturbing many residents within the Village of Westhills for a number of years. Annual maintenance roadwork, rumbling city buses, loud motorcycles and "suped-up" vehicles are keeping residents awake at night and early mornings.

For a number of years, new communities have gotten noise barriers put up by developers or the city because of the noise pollution problems all communities face. The City of Calgary has a program in place to allow older communities to approach them to retro-fit their areas with a noise barrier. The condo board has discussed calling on the city to retro-fit our complex with a noise barrier, which currently exists on all corners of this intersection except ours.

A noise barrier will improve the value of our complex, without condo owners having to shell out money to regularly maintain the fence, which currently does nothing to buffer the noise from the street. We need the support of at least 90% of residents affected by the noise so that the condo board can approach the Coach Hill/Patterson Community Association to petition Alderman Richard Pootmans to get us on the City of Calgary's list to retro-fit the building in the near future. Only a few stretches of roadway are selected every year on the program, so our voices need to be loud and clear in order to get our concerns addressed.

While this process can take a few years before a noise barrier is installed, the condo board wants to get the ball rolling for the future. The support of a vast majority of owners is needed to illustrate our urgency.

Please sign the petition to voice your opinion to the City of Calgary.

We, the undersigned, call on Alderman Richard Pootmans and the City of Calgary to install a retro-fit noise barrier on the north-west corner of Old Banff Coach Road and Coach Hill Road SW (Village of Westhills).

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