Croydon Council
United Kingdom

Unlike Sutton, Lewisham and Lambeth Councils, Croydon Council has yet to announce any decision on whether they intend to "opt in" to the Sustainable Communities Act.

Doing so would allow local communities to decide how best to spend money earmarked for sustainability, rather than trusting central government or quangos to have our best interests at heart.

Opting in would give the Council the power to vary business rates, thereby allowing them to help local businesses (such as lowering rates for small businesses and increasing them for big supermarkets; thus helping to offset the unfair advantage these giants gain from offering free parking when local businesses cannot).

Failing to opt in would deprive local communities of a vital voice in their sustainable future and would represent a betrayal of local businesses, local people and local democracy.

The Tory Council have suggested they are fighting for local business. If they are serious, they should stop wasting time and opt in immediately.

We, the undersigned, call on Croydon Council to immediately opt in to the Sustainable Communities Act 2007 and prove its commitment to local people, local businesses and local sustainability.

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