#Consumer Affairs

Go to gate’s offical Facebook page has 0 positive comments. 80% of the web has negative comments and terrible experiences with being fraud out millions of dollars of poor peoples pockets.

The manipulate the market with cheap are air fairs. If they don’t sting you with a 20% increase when you press pay, they will change the date with what I speculate randomly generates a date to change your flight. 10ms of thousands of complaints of this happening. Guess what no refunds for this 2 incidents. Some people would still feel them seats, plus cancelation fees your looking at double revenue on approx 50% of complaints probably way more that’s being generous. Now you add repayment of missed flights on top of that and And your looking at god know how much more. Now add all the extra costs they sting everyone else on top without knowIng It’s beyond comprehension I’m only scratching the surface of public record. My god lets stand up and get what’s deserved of us back. Millions of dollars of our money stolen by bullying, manipulating , fraudulent. Billionaire company destroying our livelihoods. Enough is enough class action injury is a must. Can not be ignored any more!

We the ex Customers, costumers and supporters of affected. Stand together to sign this petition to demand and receive justice by law against the criminal company that is go to gate out of Sweden. We hear by openly accuse them of technical manipulation and negligence of know faults to get justice and every single past customer be reimbursed compensation, by signing this petition

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