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In a little country like NZ we are very lucky to have the massive calibre of extremely talented music artists & associated people that are involved in projecting the areas needed for these top musos that we have & we should cherish this by giving them the recognition that they so rightly deserve.
We as the public music lovers of course give them all the support we can unofficially but for them to have that official recognition it needs to come from the official people involved in that field which is the NZMHOF, & 2 inductions per year is not sufficient or acceptable.
We as Kiwis have always been brought up to be proud of the unity that we have in NZ so to have our Pioneer/Legends/Icons snubbed the way they are being is not only a direct insult to the artists themselves but totally unexceptable from the public supporters & followers as we would be elated to see them recognised & inducted into a reputable NZMHOF that their families & our children are able to relate to just how lucky we were to have this growth of NZ Music develop in our lifetimes which the memories & magic moments will be there for the future .....
But unless this NZMHOF is setup properly asap then we won't have those memories & magic moments there officially recorded for the next generations.
So C'mon NZMHOF Inductors let's fix this embarassing situation by announcing there is to be a major overhaul of the NZMHOF to accommodate the REAL PIONEERS of our music industry asap & in turn that will reinstall the confidence that is needed in the public arena as such!!


Music has been an important part of NZ's rich culture, history and heritage, it will help shape its future. Music unifies, inspires, enriches, motivates and heals.

We the undersigned hereby affirm. . . that NZ's musical pioneers and achievers be recognized IN THEIR LIFETIMES by the organizers of the NZMHOF, (APRA and RMNZ.) We ask that they act immediately to ensure the dozens eligible, those passed and those living are inducted, honoured and remembered.

We seek a 'NZ MUSIC-EUM,' an annual TVNZ Awards show and Te Whare Waiata O Aotearoa, to preserve for future generations, indigenous and exotic songs that are a part of NZ's history.

Suffice to say there are hundreds eligible, and 25 near the top of the list, in our opinion, are Peter Posa, Dame Kiri Ti Kanawa, Sharon O'Neill, Sir Howard Morrison and Quartet, Larry's Rebels, Shane Hales, Ruru / Pixie, La de das, MiSex, Tex Morton, Kiwi Concert Party, NZSO, NZ Army Band, Suzanne Prentice, Gray Bartlett/ Brendan Dugan/ Jodi Vaughan, John Hanlon, Mr Lee Grant, John Rowles, Billy T James, Quintikis, Ricky May, Human Instinct, Prince Tui Teka & Maori Volcanics, Mavis Rivers, Rodger Fox, Dalvnius & Patea Maori Club, Jon Stevens, When The Cats Away, Guyon Wells, Midge Marsden, Max Merritt, Dinah Lee, Split Enz and Crowded House........

The majority these Pioneer/Icon/Legend Artists have been the growth of The NZ Music Industry over the past 50 years or more & rightly deserve to be officially recognised for their huge contribution to NZ Music.

We need to embrace all NZ music IMHO, to get support from everywhere.

We ask NZMHOF to respond to this petition within 45 calendar days of its presentation. If this fails to occur, then we will be approaching to whom the NZMHOF is accountable.

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