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Three Dog Night - The band was formed in 1967 by founding members Cory Wells, Chuck Negron, and Danny Hutton.

Band Credits:
21 Top 40 Billboard Charted Hits
10 Top Ten Billboard Hits (3 of these at No.1 placement)
12 Gold Album Credits
90 Million Records Sold

This group pioneered the "Rock Harmony Sound" with a soulful edge that sculpted the late 60's and defined the 1970's. Their musical contributions are as alive today as they were when they first recorded them.

Their original fan base still flocks to their shows, while new generations have come to love their music just as their original audiences have. It is most sad that two of the original group members have recently left us. Mr. Jimmy Greenspoon (musical director, keyboards, etc.) and founding member and one of the three lead vocalists, Mr. Cory Wells.

I implore the nominating committee to please include this monumental music group into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are most deserving of this acknowledgement, for their vast and unique historical music contributions.

Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination Committee,

We the undersigned, respectfully urge you to induct Three Dog Night (Chuck Negron, Cory Wells, Danny Hutton) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We believe this group's accomplishments and numerous contributions to the music world are more than outstanding! Their talents are exceptional and unsurpassed in the industry. To date they continue to entertain all globally with their music, and are a "True American Treasure" in the music and entertainment world. They have crossed generations, and given to us a legacy which has become the soundtrack of our lives.

We implore your committee to recognize this outstanding legendary band that molded an era for rightful induction. Please give "Three Dog Night" urgent and serious consideration for induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thank you.

The Undersigned

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