Please sign the Petition to have The Mavericks and The Band inducted into the RRHOF, The Country Music Hall Of Fame and for the APMA's all for 2016 and beyond. This Petition Merits having thousand of signatures. The Mavericks started in 1989 and have had many Country/Rock & Roll hits in the 90's. including several Grammy Awards Their 2013 Album release: In Time was a hit and led to a major comeback and a exciting 25th Anniversary World Tour.

The Mavericks released their newest album Mono in February of 2015 which started their Mono Mundo World. Their Mono Album has a little something for everybody, from a little Latin. Jazz, Country, Swing and Rock & Roll. Raul Malo and Songwriter Alan Miller together have co wrote many of the songs on Mono. Alan Miller has co- written many hit songs for The Mavericks throughout the years. Founders and Lead singer Raul Malo, Paul Deakin Drummer, Robert Reynolds Bass Guitar, Jerry Dale McFadden Organ/Piano and Lead Guitarist Eddie Perez. The instrumentals played by the band makes The Mavericks and their all their albums including Mono so unique. All of this is what makes The Mavericks a True Band.

Members of the band include Sax Player Max Abrams, Accordion Player Michael Guerra. Trumpet Player Paul Armstrong and Tall Bass Player James Intveld. They are true to their name and play for their love of making great music. The Mavericks are THE MOST INTERESTING BAND IN THE WORLD! Their undying dedication is to making their music the best around. Many members are involved in it's writing and producing of songs, including instrumentals sounds and numbers by all band members, Raul Malo's Voice of Velvet, their sold out concert performances and the connections they have with their fans is so amazing. The Mavericks are the very best at what they do which is make great music. They are the True example of what a band is. They all play their own instruments and there is no lip singing ever.

The Mavericks do not subscribe to just one kind of musical genre they are Rock & Roll, Pop, Jazz, Swing, and Latin. Their fan base is Multi Generations and Cultures. They are at the top of their game with Mono. Listen to Waiting for the World to End on Mono. Sit back listen to the instrumentals the drumming by Paul Deakin and the Sax playing by Max Abrams is beyond Magic. Then add Eddie Perez in lead guitar and Raul Malo's Voice of Velvet and you are in a Mavericks trance. Then take a listen to Nitty Gritty which is awesome and Summertime brings you to heaven. A true band playing their own instrumentals and then add Raul Malo's Voice of Velvet and you are a instant believer that this band is Rock and Rock, that this band can be Country or whatever they choose. The Mavericks can do it all and they do it all very well.

The Mavericks need no gimmicks at shows to perform.The Mavericks bring it with their music. Nothing else is needed. Watching band members play their instruments and Raul singing is music at it's best. They encourage fans to actively participant in their shows. Old Rock & Roll, New Rock & Roll and everything in between. Their music will live on and on. What music can't they play I haven't seen it yet. Rock & Roll you say; have you heard The Mavericks perform Dr. Feel good? Please do total greatness. Their musical abilities are over the top. Then Raul Malo's voice is smooth as velvet. Every word he sings you understand. Who can we compare to The Mavericks? No one yet that we know of. The Mavericks are a team let's not forget band Members Robert Reynolds Bass Guitar and Nick Kane lead Guitar they have contributed so much to how great The Mavericks music is. Their Tour Manager Michael Reynolds wears many hats. What would The Mavericks and the fans do without him around? He is counted on to help the ship run tight. Record Company Valory records. President & CEO Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Label Group who saw in The Mavericks what we already know. The Mavericks Rule! whatever they chose to sing and play they Rule it!

The Mavericks deserve to be inducted into the RRHOF, The Country Music Hall Of Fame and for the APMA's for the reasons above and because what the fans ask for matter. The Mavericks have the merits in be in the RRHOF with all of them. Their music will still be played and danced to long after we are gone from this earth. As our group name states The Mavericks Rule! Enclosed is CD's and DVD's for your enjoyment. Welcome to our world, we call Mavericks Land.

We, the undersigned, the fans request to All Board Members of the RRHOF, that The Mavericks and their Band Members be Inducted into the RRHOF. CMHOF, HPHOF, and LAHOF.

Please sign your name to the Petition today! We have a short time frame for the 2016 inductees to be Nominated and then Announced.

With your Support we hope to see The Mavericks Inducted into next year 2016 RRHOF. Country Music Hall Of Fame, APMA's, Hit Parade Hall Of Fame, and Latino Americana Hall Of Fame.

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