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March 25, 2005

To: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation

This petition is addressed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and concerns the matter of the induction of the group Heart, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Heart has been eligible for induction for several years, but the voting committee has overlooked the band to date. Heart's outfits are in the RRHOF, so they ARE represented and acknowledged as pertinent players in the rock industry but not for the reason they truly deserve!

Heart deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Before the mid 70's female fronted bands were rare. There were plenty of female solo artists but a band with 2 female singers was a real novelty. The fact that Ann and Nancy have been influences on female artists who really made it in the 80s & 90s can hardly be overlooked. Women in rock were a rarity until they opened the doors for others to get acknowledged or inspired with their own careers. The Pretenders (now in the HOF) may not have fared so well in the music world without the influences of Ann & Nancy being on the scene long before they were. Terry Nunn of Berlin gives much credit to A&N inspiring her musically ~ and many other artists have as well.

Heart was very much a band since 1976, and it has revolved around Ann and Nancy Wilson. Ann with her powerful voice, and Nancy's guitar playing and her folkier voice. Their voices combined beautifully.

It MIGHT be arguable that Heart's "Dreamboat Annie" is one of the most influential debuts in rock and roll history. The album's musical statement was a distinctively feminine invention that rocked as solidly as any masculine contribution up to that time.

At the center of Heart's original and current lineup are sisters, Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Both sisters are given musicianship credit, although Ann is the official "lead" singer, while Nancy handles much of the guitar work with increasing vocal duties in their most recent endeavors.

"Dreamboat Annie" is particularly distinctive because it showcased the songwriting skills of two women who happen to be sisters. Indeed, the album features 10 songs, eight of which were written solely by the Wilson sisters. "Dreamboat Annie" produced the hit singles(and still classic rock radio staples)"Crazy on You," "Magic Man," and "Dreamboat Annie," and went on to sell millions records.

The often-lush musical landscape of "Dreamboat Annie" with its soaring vocals and harmonies, as well as the deft guitar work, both acoustic and electric, left an indelible mark in the history of rock and roll. Ann Wilson is often cited as one of the most powerful singers in rock and roll, and Nancy Wilson is a very talented guitarist in her own right.

Heart has gone on to produce many other works of vocal ingenuity and musically epic grandiosity, including the landmark "Dog and Butterfly" album, which features what some fans consider Heart's true opus, "Mistral Wind," not to mention the hard rocking "Little Queen." Many longtime fans and critics regard this triumvirate of "Dreamboat Annie," "Dog and Butterfly," and "Little Queen" as the backbone of Heart impressive 30 year run as one of the most influential bands, to be led by women, in the history of rock of roll. From this triumvirate alone, Heart deserves its rightful place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the 1980's, Heart continued to be a musical force of the times. In 1985 their album, "Heart" went to the top of the charts as did the number one single, "These Dreams". They followed this success with "Bad Animals", which produced another number one hit, "Alone". In 1990, their album "Brigade" paved the road with more Platinum and hits.

And yet, the Wilson sisters and Heart continue to produce rock solid music with the release of their most recent album, "Jupiters Darling," produced by Nancy Wilson and Craig Bartok. This album continues the acoustic and rock guitar "marriage" that has marked Heart's work from the beginning. Ann Wilson's voice continues to shock and awe with its sheer power and control. Nancy's evolution as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter is an inspiration to musicians everywhere.

Clearly, this band has earned its rock and roll wings with creative musicianship and songwriting, as well as hit records and sold-out concert tours.
Their record stands for itself:
-20 top 40 hits
-9 top 10 hits
-2 #1 singles
-1 gold single
-11 top 40 albums
-6 top 10 albums
-1 #1 album
-8 platinum albums
-6 multi-platinum albums
-3 gold albums
-4 Grammy nominations
-Over 30 million albums sold worldwide
It is time to induct Heart into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Suzan Evans and her committee should induct Heart into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame for their continuing contributions to the Rock Industry.

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