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Freddie started his recording career with Capitol Records in 1953. He has been on Columbia, Kapp, Monument, Sunbird and Capitol three different times and now has his own record label.

Freddie is one of the most loved and most genuinely sincer entertainers in the world. His love and appreciation for his fans is second to none.

His website : http://mreasylovin.com/

Freddie Hart has won almost every award Country Music has to offer. The Academy of Country Music honored him with five awards in 1972 including:

Entertainer of the Year
Artist of the Year
Song of the Year
Album of the Year
Single of the Year

In 1971 and 1972, his hit song "Easy Lovin" was chosen song of the year by the Country Music Association, this being the first time in country music history that the same song was so honored two years in a row.

Freddie has had fourteen number one singles, thirty four top ten singles and has recorded forty three plus albums. Freddie's songs are on play lists and on radio stations somewhere all over the world every single day and have been since his first recording session in 1953.

The list never ends as to the great artists who have recorded Freddie Hart songs; a few of them include: George Morgan, Carl Smith, Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Billy Walker, Tammy Wynette, David Frizzell, Connie Smith, Wayne Newton, Rose Maddox, Joe & Rose Lee Maphis, John Prine, Ray Stevens, Porter Wagoner...among many, many others. Freddie's first number one song was "Loose Talk" recorded by Carl Smith in 1955.

Some of the number one songs written by Freddie Hart include:
"Easy Lovin"
"Got The All Overs For You"
"Hang In There Girl"
"Trip To Heaven"
"My Hangup Is You"
"The Want-To's"
"Skid Row Joe"
"Loose Talk"
"Bless Your Heart"
"If You Can't Feel It, It Ain't There"

Freddie has had other number one songs which he didn't write but include "Super Kind of Woman" & "The First Time."

We, the undersigned, come to you in unison on behalf of Freddie Hart. We bring to you this petition to induct Freddie Hart into The Country Music Hall of Fame to take his place among his fellow Country Music artists that made their mark, not only in the Country Music field, but touched the public's lives and hearts all over the world as his music touched their ears.

Freddie Hart is not only a major part of Country Music but a legacy of music that is heard , enjoyed and passed down to yet another generation that will continue to listen, enjoy and share. Freddie Hart's music has been, and is, a loud voice for Country Music and what it brings to listeners.

Please Induct him on behalf of his Family, His Fans and Mostly For Him.

Saying that, we the undersigned, bring together our loud voices in unison for Freddie Hart. He still brings us great Country Music, we come to you to give him his rightful, well earned and deserved place in The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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