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We request that the superstar of the 1970s to be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. It is now more than 50 years since he had his first number one hit record, I Think I Love You.

Often imitated, never matched, David Cassidy's music has stood the test of time. His solo albums, which were far more rock than pop, reflected his creativity both as a songwriter and a producer. David's first solo album, Cherish, and his first number one hit, is also the title of a book of cherished memories gathered from fans, friends, colleagues, fellow musicians, broadcasters and journalists who endorse his underrated and underappreciated talent as reflected in the thousands of comments and observations on this petition.

David was the first recording star to be globally merchandised – a one man brand – which set the standards musically and culturally for many who followed in his footsteps. He inspired a generation of rock musicians through his solo career and live shows.

His contribution to the history of American (and worldwide) music, and his personal legacy should not be ignored any longer.

David was the world’s highest paid performer by the age of 21, and had the biggest fan club on the planet.

Breaking box office records at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where his show sold out in 40 minutes (1972); the Houston Astrodome where he played to two sell-out crowds in one day; London’s Wembley Empire Pool (1973) where he sold out a record six shows in three days; Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia (1974) where the hysteria was so intense it was compared to World War III amid calls for him to be deported; and White City Stadium in London the same year. He stopped traffic everywhere he went across New Zealand, Australia, the Far East, Europe and the United States.

There will never be a unique voice such as his. His musical contributions have been, and continue to be a crucial, special and important part of rock culture. It may have been his looks that first won the hearts of millions of teenage girls across the world, but it was his unique voice and music that won everyone, inspiring many to forge a musical career.

The energy and excitement surrounding the work of the boy from New York City has allowed him to be at the forefront of the industry for more than 40 years. He is the most deserving yet overlooked artist of his generation whose writing, arrangements and production of his solo albums are regarded as among the very best from a solo artist.

There is something magical that happens when a star like David emerges, when something or someone captures the imagination of millions of people. It is something that goes beyond a hit record: it touches the world musically and culturally.

David was at the epicentre of this in the 1970s when the whole world went crazy for him and his exceptional singing voice, and he has been an artist not just of the 70s, but every decade since. No one, least of all David himself, expected that level of success but talent will always shine through. It will always last.
In 1970, his first recording, I Think I Love You was the biggest selling single, outselling classic recordings such as Let It Be and Bridge Over Troubled Water. It was voted Single of the Year.

David was profoundly influenced by many of the great singers, groups and songwriters he grew up listening to and like them, his music will continue to mean something many years from now.

Without the television hit series, David Cassidy as a singer would not exist. Without him there would have been no musical legend which helped launch his outstandingly successful singing career. Without him many musicians would never have found a career in music.

Musically, his influence on other artists, the quality of his work, the variety of the David Cassidy Songbook, his constant desire to be creative complemented by the leading writers and musicians he has worked with – many actually asked to work with him – is testament to how much his peers value his work.

There has always been something about his innocence in talking about what he did so superlatively well, and despite his magnificent attempt to be seen and act as an ordinary American man - he is in fact the most extraordinary American man. Ultimately he has always remained true to himself, and the orchestral hallmarks of his solo arrangements on many David Cassidy album tracks provide further illustration of his genius in the recording studio.

He could work wonders with any song. As a singer he has always performed with the passion and compassion of the greatest - he is one singular sensation. They remain some of the most under-rated songs in pop history and it cannot be any coincidence that some of the songwriters who contributed to that success are already inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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When he stepped out of the shadow of such teenage idolatry to prove his worth as a solo performer, musician (piano, guitar and drums) and songwriter, David Cassidy attracted a great deal of respect setting the standard for many male solo singers to follow.

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We the undersigned call upon the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to INDUCT DAVID CASSIDY.

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