BMX / MTB / Skateboards / Scooters / Roller Blades ect.

Everyone has a dream. Skate park is not only a dream come true for a group likely to actively use the site, but also surprising and unusual spectacle for people able to watch the exploits of experienced athletes, this type of integrated culture - a passion for not only the youth.

It is also an encouragement to young people's physical development, for which physical activity is very important when growing up - coordinating body and mind, improves the condition and develop some muscle groups.

We could list other advantages, such as hormonal way to wind down, but the most important thing in all this is a specific location that would give those interested in the prospect for the future and the possibility of self-respect to their intentions.

Alright lads we want to set up an indoor skatepark for the use of Dublin and all in Ireland,we want to put in lots of training facility like foam pit and resi ramp which we already have in dirt monkeys camp.

Also there is going be a few different courses depending on what level you are at. Starting from beginners to advanced and pro riders and then we will put in facilities for all types of extreme sports such as Bmx, Skateboards, Scooters, MTB and Blades.

We have many ramps already from the dirt monkeys camp.

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