United States of America

This country has been treated unfairly, way to long. Legislation has been passed in back rooms by lobbyists, special interests, and politicians paid to make them laws for to long.

The corruption in campaign funding in return for laws passed to make the one percent richer needs to stop. This is the beginning of America taking its country back. One woman stands at the forefront of government corruption, illegal campaign donations, (funneled through her "foundation".) It has been proven that she has put our country in great risk. This, is where it ends.

Hillary Clinton. Attorney, politician, senator, Secretary of State, liar, corrupt, danger to American society. These are all words that sum up Hillary Clinton. Her actions in office have made the one percent richer, people directly murdered, put America at risk of hackers, and overall breach of national security. These things have been proven and nothing has been done about it.

Good, American HEROES who fought for our freedom, are doing hard time in a federal prison for less, than what she has done.

Please sign this petition to let the Executive branch, the judicial branch, legislative branch, FBI, DHS, CIA, attorney generals office, all know that America will NOT let this go by.

By signing this petition, you believe that Hillary Clinton, should be indicted on federal charges for said actions.


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