#Human Rights
Indiana Governor and Elected Officials
United States of America

* Long term care CRISIS: 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and we only have 2 million home care workers for 11 million elders.

* 90% of seniors prefer home care.

* Low wages result in high turnover rate and affect quality care.

* Turnover costs are estimated to be over $6 billion annually.

* Undervalued and underpaid: 49% of Hoosier direct caregivers have to rely on public assistance.

* Home care is the fastest growing job in the county and the major employer of women.

* Giving home care workers a collective voice will help transform policies and expand access for seniors and disabled.

* Raising wages to $15 an hour would allow home care workers to raise their families with dignity while also caring for others. When the home care workers win, it will improve the lives of families, raise the lives of women, build stronger communities, and lift the entire economy.

We the undersigned caregivers, seniors, people with disability, community leaders, and advocates urge our Governor and Elected Officials to take an urgent action to lift up home care work, raise the lives of caregivers, and improve quality care for our seniors.

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