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A new “top-two” open primary initiative has been placed on the June 2010 ballot in California. Open primaries are an important reform to change the revolving door that keeps electing the same failed party insiders who are beholden to the same special interests.

The Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as their largest special interests, are working to defeat the open primary. IndependentVoice.Org, California’s largest organization of independent voters, is working to educate the public about the initiative.

We’ve written the letter to the editor below and are asking everyone to sign on to it by April 15th. We’ll then send it to every newspaper in California. We’ll also keep you up to date on this important fight.

Dear Editor,

California’s 4.2 million registered independent voters think it’s time to change politics. We’re fed up with the partisan political culture that shuts out ordinary people and keeps power in the hands of the party power brokers and their special interests. That’s why independents support the “top two” open primary initiative on the June 2010 ballot.

The “top two” open primary would replace our current partisan primary process with a nonpartisan one similar to local elections. All voters – including independents – would be able to vote in the primaries. Voters would cast a ballot for the best candidate, instead of having to choose by political party. Going to a nonpartisan “top two” primary also frees candidates from having to curry favor with party insiders and their special interests.

It’s no wonder the parties and special interests hate the “top two” open primary. And that’s exactly why independents know it needs to pass.


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