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Let’s start from the beginning. In March of 1994, a little girl was born. From that day forward, she would keep her hair long and beautiful. Not once, cutting it above the shoulders. On May 18th 2017 life would change for her, forever and for the better. She to gave birth do a beautiful baby boy, who is now old enough to pull and eat her lucious, long, and unattainable hair. This young mother has always been so indecisive when it comes to making decisions for herself, putting everyone else before her own needs. But, it’s time that changed! It’s time she makes a change! And we need your help, so that she can quit throwing her hair up into a pony tail. Because it’s “convenient” or “wet, and slobbery.”

So I’m here to plead and beg from you the people, to please sign this petition. Supporting the cause, for this young, beautiful mom to commit to cutting her hair off into a manager, stylish, and life changing cut. We the people, will be forever indebted to you and your support. For it is time to give to our community, and help this woman realize her full hair potential. Thank You, and, AMERICA.

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The Indecisive mother who won’t commit to cutting her hair. petition to All signatures will be reviewed by myself and Tyler Perry. was written by Addie Harden and is in the category Humor at GoPetition.

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