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Western Australia Treasury

On 9 May 2013, Western Australia Treasurer announced that West Australian's will be slugged an extra $218 per year come July 1 for household fees and charges, which include a 4 per cent hike in electricity fees.

Ahead of the August 8 State Budget, Treasurer Troy Buswell also announced today that motor vehicle charges would increase an extra $25.24 a year, which includes a $3.80 hike for driver licence fees and $11.40 for motor vehicle licence fees.

He also revealed utility charges - which include electricity and water - would increase $137 a year, public transport $39 a year and the emergency services levy $16.

In total, the average family will pay $4987 in household fees and charges, up from $4769 last year.

Despite these increased in the cost of living, wages for the low to average income earner in West Australia has not increased.

We, the people of Western Australia demand a fair go.

Many Western Australian's are currently struggling with the cost of living, and this increase will cause hardship to thousands.

I sign this petition to request the WA State Government to NOT increase fees.

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