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1 Vitality per half an hour is terrible. Even on a 24hours recharge, all we get are just 48 vitality.

Unless your game content (e.g. Quantity of Quests, End game items farming) is severely limited, otherwise I really don't see why the Regeneration rate can't be increased, even if by a little.

a) Personally, I would find it reasonable at 1 per 20minutes. At least even in a 24hours recharge, we get 72, and every hour we are able to indulge in 3 activities, instead of a measly 2. But hey, if you wanna dream, dream big right.. SO pray for 1 vitality per 15minutes(96 Vitality in 24hours)! If it ever gets to 1 per 15minutes, thats probably when the game blossom to one of the best browser-facebook game ever. However, considering how big a risk the game developer would take to risk their profit, 1 per 20minutes is fair enough.

b) Suggested by a fellow player Chris. I find it reasonable that, vitality points could be incorporated to be part of the rewards in daily tasks, activities, any special quest, etc.

And probably the removal of vitality usage in certain activities? Since mining has a rather long timer, perhaps you can remove the requirement of expending precious vitality and maybe increase the timer by a little.

It is almost guaranteed that all of our vitality will be expended, and for a 'cash shop profiting' game, there will definitely still be individuals that spend their gold for vitality purchases, and giving you your revenue from gold recharge.

If you would be able to retain more players for a long term, or otherwise, your faithful consumers, I don't see why they wouldn't spread the fame of your well developed game to more of their friends. Especially so when you have a title that is created by the GREATEST MANGARTIST EVER.

Also, it would seem you have BARELY touched community in US, EU and Oceanic region, which I highly doubt their Gen Y wouldn't be interested in a game affiliated or should I say, partially created by Oda Eiichiro. Given the fame of One Piece, hell even the upcoming Gen Z would be interested!

So please, do hear us out and adjust it a little. Think consumer first and act with integrity!

Aren't you frustrated with the low regeneration of Vitality?! It's time to band up and take some action!


Think people! You can do it with just a few clicks! You can make this change possible!

Spread this to players from Pirate King and every other versions! It's a small step to a big change, believe you can do it!

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