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On our streets and in our communities there has been a traumatic rise in anti-social behaviour, street gangs, crime and suicide among young people... most of which has been fuelled by cheap alcohol that can be bought in many places including the big supermarkets where a can of beer will cost 23p while a can of lemonade will cost 42p.

While at work for a large supermarket, a child of 11 or 12 years old who was holding a 4pack of ownbrand value beer asked me, was it real and could he get it as it was cheaper than lemonade! We need to do something: how did we get to a stage when alcohol is cheaper than fizzy drinks and chocolate? What message is this giving to our children?

The government is trying to do all they can to combat the pandemic of swine flue which is sweeping through our nation. What about the pandemic that is alcohol abuse and addiction among young people and the related issues this causes as previously mentioned, that's sweeping our nation, fuelled by cheap alcohol costing less than a bar of chocolate?

Our children and our communities are the victims of a retail price war.


To whom it may concern,

We as a people arise united and with one voice and petition the government body and officials to INCREASE THE PRICE OF ALCOHOL in our supermarkets. Our play parks are no longer a safe place filled with playing children, instead they are filled with smashed bottles and empty alcohol cans that has been left behind by young binge drinkers.

We ask that the supermarkets and alcohol retailers be made accountable and responsible, in the way they advertise alcohol and how they target young people by their affordable pocket money-priced alcohol.

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