This petition is for the help against unfair sales on eBay’s category - Flowers, Trees & Plants.

Their policy on feedback is: Must be left within 60 days of the auction's close or the ability to leave feedback is lost.

This policy needs to be changed on their category: Flowers, Trees & Plants, since it is not enough time to see what the plants or seeds grow into. Under this policy people “including myself” have gotten wrong or fake seeds / plants that a seller says it is.

Some of these sellers are selling fake seeds / plants because they know the buyer has only 60 days to leave feedback and about time they find out what type of plant he/she has gotten its already too late.

As the policy stands it hurts the honest sellers, and helps the bad sellers.

We, the undersigned, call on eBay to extend the feedback time limit to 200 days on the category: Flowers, Trees & Plants, to help stop sellers selling wrong seeds and plants, and to give us the time it takes to see what we are growing to leave the appropriate feedback.

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