General Motors and other car manufactures
United States of America

We the people demand a choice in our vehicle fuels. We are fed up with high gas prices and our vehicle engines burning gasoline and diesel fuels.

We are hereby petitioning for production of more choices for alternative fuels for our vehicles. Our vehicles that unleaded gasoline or diesel for fuel are not only costly but pruduce harmful emissions that come out of our tailpipes.

We would like to see more options for fuel in our car, truck, vans, and SUV's in the near future. An alternative fuel could be hydrogen, fuel cells, E85 Ethanol, biofuels, natural gas, propane, hybrid, or electric vehicles powered by battery. It would wonderful if we could drive vehicle witch require NO gasoline and produce zero emissions, would be ideal.

Alternative fuel vehicles could save us thousans of dollars per year and lower or eliminate our emissions, and therefor we would have less air polution.

Together we can change to tradition of having so many gasoline powered vehicles to hybrid vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles, witch help us save money and have cleaner air.

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