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Major Airlines- Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, BA, Air France, Lufthansa
United Kingdom

As air travel has boomed, companies have designed economy seats so that we, the passengers, have more legroom. This would reduce the risk of potentially deadly diseases, such as DVT. However, instead, airlines are using the extra space to cram in more seats, so that their pockets are even deeper.

Over the past few years, legroom in economy has drastically decreased, and there are now even talks about standing-room only, where you don't even get a seat but a backboard to 'rest' on.

For example, Emirates fit in 10-abreast seats in some of their aircraft, whereas it is recommended that there should only be 8-abreast seating in those aircraft. Should we stand for that?

It is now time to take a stand against these money-hungry airlines that couldn't care less about the passengers' comfort, after all, would these airlines still be without us?

We, the undersigned, demand that legroom in longhaul economy seats be increased , and that, instead of inserting as many seats as possible, consider the passengers' comfort and health before profits.

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