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Current State Proposal has excluded BU17 from the recruitment and retention bonus for our institution. All other SEIU bargaining units, with the exception of BU17 and BU21 are potentially to be awarded an annual retention of $2600.

The geographical justification for this retention does not exclude Registered Nurses. Over 90% of Registered Nurses working at Avenal State Prison drive 30+ miles each way to work daily.

The need to retain Registered Nurses is evident by the insufficient staffing. Registered Nurses working at this as well as the other included institutions should not be excluded based simply on salary.

We, the undersigned, call on SEIU 1000 to present this petition to governing bodies with the intention of BU17 to be included in the locational retention bonus here at Avenal State Prison.

We request the deciding persons to review the facts surrounding the exclusion of BU17 Registered Nurses from the Recruitment and Retention bonus and reconsider inclusion.

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