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Upper Iowa University
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As national acceptance of online degrees increases, more and more students are electing to complete their college degrees through reputable online universities. In order to ensure that these degrees are viewed as legitimate, it's important that the curriculum be similar to that of brick-and-mortar universities, and that the diplomas conferred be similar in nature and design.

Upper Iowa University (UIU) currently does not include the student's major on the diploma. Instead, only the degree earned is listed (such as "Bachelor of Science"). The major or area of emphasis is displayed on the student's transcript but not on the diploma.

Although UIU is by no means the only university to omit this information from their diplomas, they are certainly in the minority. UIU students who have worked diligently to complete their degrees wish to display them proudly, both at home and in the workplace. Additionally, many UIU students feel that their degrees will not be taken seriously by prospective employers if this information is omitted from the diploma.

We, the undersigned, call on Upper Iowa University to make a change to their diplomas, either universally or individually by request, to include the major/area of study on degrees conferred.

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