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Zambia Constitution Technical Committee

The Zambian Government recently selected a technical committee of experts to draft a new Constitution. The committee has been tasked to review past Constitution reports and drafts, consult widely and also take into account submissions forwarded.

Under the current Zambian constitution, Dual Nationality is prohibited. Argument for and against the introduction of Dual Nationality have been made before. In the last decade, some African countries have introduced dual nationality and the benefits are there for all to see.

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You can also listen to this debate, courtesy of http://www.crossfireblogradio.com/


This is a great opportunity to have a say in the constitution making process. Sign the petition to strongly encourage and urge the committee to include Dual Nationality for all Zambians in the new constitution.

We, the undersigned, believe Dual Nationality for all Zambians (by birth, descent or naturalised) will benefit Zambia economically and socially and call on the technical committee to include it in the new constitution.

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