Education authorities and the Government authorities

Inclusive Education means that all students in a school regardless of their caste, class, gender and disability become part of the community of learners.

The Government of India in 1995 passed the Persons With Disabilities Act which ensures that:
- every child with disability has access to free education in an appropriate environment till the age of 18 years,
- easy transport facilities,
- making the school buildings disabled friendly with ramps and barrier free environment,
- restructuring of curriculum for the benefit of children with disabilities and suitable modifications in the examination system.


- 50% of Govt schools and 36% of the private schools are not aware of the 3% reservations for disabled children.

- In practice, the percentage of disabled children in government schools is only 0.16% whereas in private schools it is 0.31%.

- Only 44% of the government schools and 50% of the private schools follow plans with respect to Sports, Recreation and Cultural activities of children with disabilities.

- 50% of government and private schools do not provide special services to these children to make their studies or learning easier.

- 63% of the government schools and 43% of the private schools are not aware of the right to free education for all children with disabilities.

- Only 38% of the government schools and 36% of the private schools know about the PWD Act (1995) and the Multiple Disability Act (1999).

We the undersigned demand:

- That no child is denied admission in mainstream education on the ground of disability.

- 3% reservation of seat for the disabled at the time of admission into schools is ensured.

- Changes to buildings, rules and attitudes to ensure an inclusive school system.

- Changes in course content and examination system (example: no graphs and geometry for the blind), making it accessible to the students with disability.

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