World Police and Fire Games

The World Police & Fire Games is a Mini Olympics for active and retired Police Officers, Firemen, Corrections Officers, Prison Officers, Probation Officers and Customs officials.

It caters for 65 sports which are listed on the World Police & Fire Games website at www.wpfg2011. org

Handball has always been one of the sports when the games were hosted in countries where Handball is played. It was included in 2005 in Toronto and 2009 in Vancoover in 2009. WPFG 2013 will be hosted by Belfast, Ireland and handball will be a sport there.

In recent years the number of participants dropped and the organizing committee has suggested that the sport be dropped to make room for Rock Climbing and Dodgeball.

A decision will be made shortly on the final list of sports that will be played. This petition has been formed to support the inclusion of handball as a sport at WP&FG in 2011.

We, the undersigned, call on the World Police and Fire Games to include 4Wall and/or 1Wall Handball in the 2011 World Police and Fire Games that are to be held in New York.

Not only has handball been part of the games in the past they are already included in the 2013 games in Belfast, Ireland.

NYC is home to thousands of 1Wall handball players and hundreds of 4W handball players many of which are active or retired NYPD or FDNY personnel.

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