We, active users of postcrossing want the administrator to take action against users who have not logged in for a long time. It is very frustrating to get addresses of “users” who send one postcard and never register any postcard they receive. It is irresponsibility. When a person joins postcrossing, they should take responsibility of sending postcards and when they receive, to register them.

It is not fair for those who actively send, receive, and register, to get such addresses. They do not even activate the inactive button or ask the administrator to delete their account if they are not interested in postcrossing anymore. Though the admin had said that inactive users’ addresses do not go back to the pool but why do we keep getting such addresses?

We would like the administrator to take action against such “members”; we are extremely frustrated with these people. Sending postcards cost us money but that is not a big factor, it just disappoints because we have to wait 60 days for it to expire.

If you are also tired of these people, then please sign this petition in order to get the administrators to take action against inactive users.

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