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New Line Cinema

This petition is against those people who think the second Lord Of The Rings movie title "The Two Towers" is referring to the attack on The World Trade Center.

The book was titled The Two Towers back in 1954 so J.R.R Tolkien would in no way have known that the attack on WTC would happen.

Of course the attack was a very horrible thing but what these people are trying to do is for Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema to change the name of a master piece which is labeled in someone else's name.

Now this is where you get into the picture. We need you to sign the petition to let Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema know that we're behind them a 100%.

Just because some mentally bad functional person has to make a different perspective of the world in one day, it doesn't mean that we have to change titles.

Thank You For Your Help.

We, the undersigned, petition that the Lord of the Rings movie "The Two Towers" should keep its name.

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