#Local Government
Guildford Borough Council
United Kingdom

I am asking people to sign this petition in the hope that it will demonstrate to Guildford Borough Council that their choice of an art gallery as the proposed new tenant of the Constitutional Hall at 170 High Street Guildford is not the choice supported by the local community.

I am proposing that they accept my offer to open an independent art house cinema which will return the building to its first use and provide the community with a much needed alternative venue to the Odeon multiplex cinema.

The Guildford Picture Palace

We, the undersigned, would like to register our support for the proposed new Art House Cinema planned for the heart of Guildford at 170 High Street, the site of the first cinema in Guildford. We believe that this project would be highly beneficial to the community and will prove to be a much more popular and successful venture in the long-term, hence a better prospect for the Council, than the proposed tenant currently favoured by the Council. Please give this idea a chance of becoming a reality.

The residents and business community of Guildford and surrounding areas.

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