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Sveriges Television (SVT) is Sweden's public service television company/ hanna.stjarne@svt.se

A new documentary made by acclaimed Swedish filmmakers Bo Persson and Joanna Helander is shortly to be screened in the European Parliament after a successful screening for Swedish parliamentarians, at international film festivals as well as several high-profile screenings before selected audiences in the United States and in other European countries.

Called "Watching the Moon at Night", the documentary of 90 minutes addresses in a lyrical and insightful way the intertwined issues of terrorism and antisemitism. Based on interviews with some of the world's most eminent authorities in these two fields (Walter Laqueur, André Glucksmann, Robert S. Wistrich and others), its distinguishing feature is the sensitive and enlightening role it gives to the voices of the victims. They speak, in apolitical terms, of their awful personal experiences in a variety of places including Algeria, Spain, France, Moscow, Israel, New York, Colombia, Munich, Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

This important project began as a co-production of Kino Koszyk HB, Film i Väst (a regional Swedish film fund) and Sveriges Television with important support from the Swedish Film Institute.

But Sveriges Television officials have now, shockingly, refused to allow it to be screened on TV in its home country.

Several prominent Swedish commentators have called for this decision to be reversed and for the misplaced "political correctness" that seems to have motivated it to be absolutely rejected.

We support those critics and we raise our voices in protest to Sveriges Television (SVT) Sweden's public service television company/ hanna.stjarne@svt.se

In these fraught and dangerous times, terrorism and anti-Semitism threaten the institutions of democracy everywhere. Attempting to hide this reality and distorting the public debate is the worst way to confront these threats when we should instead stand up for human rights and European values.

We call on the management of Sveriges Television to reverse its gagging of this important film, and to immediately schedule it for the widest possible television exposure in Sweden.

Marianne Ahrne - Filmdirector
Annika Borg - Writer
Maria Halkiewicz - Human Rights Defender and Nurse

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