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Update: October 15, 2005

To signers

This petition is now closed. Thank you for supporting the GSA at Marshall and clubs like it around our area. Your signature means alot and will be delivered with hundreds of others collected on other petitions to the City school board October 20th. Thank you again for the support, and please remember this site gopetition.com when you have an issue to address with a petition..they did a great job!.

October 15, 2005


This petition was begun to bring together people of faith who support the equal rights of secondary school students to form non-Curricula related after school groups for support and encouragement under the Federal Equal Access Act of 1984.

Currently students at John Marshall High School in the City of Rochester NY are being prevented from forming such a group. This petition is not only a show of solidarity with the students, but also a demand that Joseph Munno - Principal of Marhsall, and Manuel Rivera - Superintendent act according to the law which provides all student groups equal access to school grounds.

For more information on the situation at Marshall or the Federal Law The "Equal Access Act" please go to www.ckyler.blog-city.com

As people of faith from around the Greater Rochester area we, the undersigned, do hereby petition the Rochester City School District Superintendent Manuel Rivera and the City School Board to to allow students to form a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club for the purpose of support and encouragement for LGBT Students at John Marshall High school.

We ask that Mr. Rivera and the school district consider the Federal "Equal Access Act" of 1984 under which all non-Curricula related after school clubs must be given equal access to the school and it's grounds.

We ask that the school district end the discrimination that Marshall's LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) Students are facing and allow them to form a GSA Club Which is their legal right to do.

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