Dr. Jim Buysse, Interim Chancellor, Riverside Community College
United States of America

Dr. Ali Issa is a dedicated professional who has brought a new view and unforgettable experiences to the world of health science. He has made a significant contribution at Riverside Community College.

Dr. Ali Issa is from a small village by the name of Jamama Town in Somalia Africa. As a young man, he earned a scholarship to the United States. Since his arrival, he has earned a bachelors, masters and PhD in the sciences. He has won Teacher of the Year 10 times and is known to have the highest retention and enrollment at Riverside Community College.

Ali Issa is the Founding Father of the Ali issa Tribe. He is a musician, poet, and story teller. His influence stretches beyond ethnicity, religions and cultural backgrounds.

Dr. Ali Issa has always been a teacher who showed exemplary professionalism in his classroom. Many can attest to the fact that every day when Dr. Issa entered his classroom, he only had the agenda of teaching health science and demonstrating to his students that learning can be fun.

Ali Issa in his professional life at Riverside Community College has dedicated himself to the education and success of hundreds of young men and women. For all of the above, we feel it appropriate that he be allowed to teach/instruct to the fullest extent of his educator potential. His talents are endless.

We, the undersigned, declare by our signatures below that we believe Dr. Ali Issa should be allowed to instruct Biology at Riverside Community College.

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