#Human Rights
All persons affected

Tragedy has once again touched the people of North Wicklow. The tragic death of two brave local fire officers, in the line of duty, rocked a community that has seen more than its fair share of fire related deaths.

Mark O'Shaughnessy and Brian Murray were true heroes who demonstrated great skill and courage and their unwavering commitment and service to the community is a tragic loss that could have been avoided.

Brian believed that the only way forward for the fire service in North Wicklow was to have a fulltime service. He campaigned internally over the last few years, believing that if North Wicklow had a full time service lives would have been saved.

Regrettably the setting up of a full time fire and emergency service will be too late for Mark O'Shaughnessy and Brian Murray, but it would at the very least be a fitting honour to the memory to these local heroes.

In Honour of Brian & Mark, "We, the undersigned, call for a Full Time Fire & Emergency Service for North Wicklow".

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