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This petition has been created as a request for IMVU to consider creating a separate site for avatars ages 13-17 to be able to have a safe place to mingle chat and have fun without the concern of being subjected to or exposed to adult content.

IMVUteens.com would be an excellent compromise for both underage and adult IMVU members. The rise on underage youth gaining Access Passes, constant spam messages, request for credits, gifts, (begging) and the recent rise in hacking is mostly due to the desperate attempt at a better life on IMVU by the youth of IMVU.

A credit earning system for teens could be put in place outside of this site so they can have their own credits and not try hacking other accounts and begging for gifts. As for the IMVU Adult community we are the main source of funding for this site and feel that we deserve more freedom to be adults without censorship to the extent that it currently is.

Please give your electronic signature if you agree with the idea of two separate IMVU sites to keep the peace between the adult and your IMVU community.

Sign if you want IMVU.Com to Create IMVUTeen.com for teenagers ages 13-17.... To protect us Adults who put so much money into developing and buying credits.

I personally feel that It would be a much safer place for the teenagers. Let us Adult have IMVU.com and our AP content for ourselves.

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