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UN" Amnesty International"

Turkish state is one of the most repressive states in the world with a brutal record on suppression of the Kurdish people. Kurds in turkey have long suffered deep-rooted discrimination and their social, political and cultural rights have been seriously repressed.

Parents are banned from registering their babies with certain Kurdish names. The use of Kurdish language in education is thwarted the arrests of Kurdish political and civil activists are frequent and months can not go without arbitrary arrest and detentions.

Millions of Kurds in the Middle East, like the majority of South Africans under apartheid, have for decades had to endure the dispossession of their land, the systematic stripping away of their human rights and the suppression of their culture and dignity. The Kurds have been victims of massive human rights abuses, particularly in iran syria and Turkey.

We call on people everywhere to sign the petition Please and bring to kurdish people and Mr Abdullah Ocalan some happiness" We are hoping to get at least 1000,000 signatures, Please Circulate this petition to all the people you can get the message through to them. It is about time we show solidarity for each other on human level

The Kurdish Human Rights, is stepping up its efforts to secure the release of Kurdish national leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan who has been held in a solitary confinement for the last 11 years, and to bring about a resolution to the Kurdish question through peaceful negotiation. In recent months, many human rights activists have put their weight behind this cause and linked up with similar groups around the world.

Thank you for your Support & dedication.

We the undersigned request the release of Abdullah Ocalan in the interest of peace and freedom of the Turkish and Kurdish people as he can play an important role similar to the role Nelson Mandela played in South Africa

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