Step By Step

In 1997, under the charity Step By Step, George Marcello walked 500 kilomtres from Toronto to Ottawa to improve awareness for organ donations

In 1998-1999, under Step By Step George Marcello walked 2,500 kilometres in Ontario. We worked with 3 levels of Governments & many other groups & acivities & held 50 Press Conferences in 50 cities & towns. We were improving awareness for organ donations & the need of the Spanish Model (Includes Opt Out). We achieved our main convincing Premier Harris to invest 120 million in organ donations/transplantation.

In 2000-2002, under Step By Step George Marcello walked over 12,000 kilometres throughout Canada. George carried the Torch Of Life to thank his anonymous organ donor & donors worldwide. Millions carried this Torch, including St Pope John Paul II who blessed it & urged George to let the students carry it. We worked with 3 levels of Governments & many other groups & activities & held 500 Press Conferences in 500 cities & towns. We were improving awareness for organ donations & the need for the Spanish Model (Includes Opt-Out). Step By Step's goals was constant until the present. Presenting awareness, education & improving the organ donation system mainly by the Spanish Model

From 2003-2014, under Step By Step George Marcello faithfully obeyed the Pope wise words & recruited over 1000 students in Canada & USA. These students were called Student Torch Champions & they proudly carried the Torch in their respective cities & towns promoting Step By Step's goals with the full participation from their communities.

From 2011-2014, under Step By Step George Marcello inspired the world's 3 most famous organ donor families. He brought them to Canada where they carried the Torch Of Life together to promote Step By Step's goals. These are the following campaigns. Shaheem-April 2011, Reg Green September 2011, Donor Dads November 2011, Khaled's Register Now Ontario Torch Tour-Jan-Jul 2012, Anthony's Hero-Jan-Mar 2013, Kayla's Wish-April 2013, Anthony & Mary Nov-Dec 2013, Fatima's Hero-September 2014.

George Marcello is writing a 5 book series on his Step By Step Journey which he hopes transforms to film so that both book & film become a powerful tool to promote Step By Step's goals. For the past 20 years, Step By Step & George planted the seeds of the Spanish Model, specifically the Opt-Out part of it to millions of Canadians. Most of their efforts took place in Ontario. From 1998 to the present the Step By Step team educated & informed people from all walks of life, but specifically the Students. They estimated that over 80% of the general population wholeheartedly agree with the Opt-Out system. Students were even higher reaching over 90%. Every politician campaigning will swear to you that talking to people on the ground will beat researches & polls any time of the day.

We, the undersigned call on the Ontario Government, to accept & approve the Opt-Out or UK's version of the Soft Opt-Out. ( the UK Soft Opt-Out added a revision to the Opt-Out. Under Soft Opt-Out the Citizens of the UK just needed to vocalize their wish to opt out, instead of signing themselves out. Under this new policy experts & religious leaders would comfort the potential donor families in assisting them to carry out the wish. Strong & constant awareness programs & activities would continue Provincially & Nationally.

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