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Fairfield County Council
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Please help us make the county council vote yes for building a new animal shelter and to change the conditions at the shelter they have now.

The shelter now has no heat or air conditioning. When they clean the kennels out they hose the runs down with cold water with the animals still in them. They don't dry them in any way, the animals are soaked and then left to lay on wet concrete. Don't forget this includes the past week when the temperatures got down to 14 degrees.

Those animals were left wet, in wet kennels all night long without heat. They only clean the animals out 2 times daily so if the any of the dogs use the bathroom they stay in it all day or night long. I have been in there when they were lying in feces and urine and no one made an effort to clean them again. Even if it was in the food bowls.

They get no exercise because they are never taken out of the kennel once they are put in it when they are brought in. The smell is breath taking. The adoption rate at the shelter is not very good because who wants to go to adopt an animal from someplace that is dirty, smells, and isn't adoptive friendly.

The county has said that they would build a new shelter for 2yrs, they have the money allotted for it and there are a few council members that think that the money should not be wasted by building a new shelter.

I will add that only 2 out of 8 members have even been up to see the conditions at the old shelter. We are pleading for support to push for an a yes vote on the vote for a new shelter and until the new shelter is built, change the way of cleaning and care of the animals in the old shelter. We are asking for the council to enforce the federal guidelines for animal cleanliness and care for shelters.

We, the undersigned, call on the county council to vote yes on the building of the new shelter and enforce the quality of care of the animals at the old shelter be raised to at least humane treatment.

The federal guidelines for shelters will be provided to all the members of the council.

So please show your support and sign below and pass this to everyone you know. The Council will be voting on Jan. 28, 2008 at 6:00pm at the Fairfield County Government Complex on 321 Bus. 2nd Floor above Fairfeild County Sherriff's Department. All Fairfeild County residents are encouraged to attend.

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