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We Satio users have been waiting a long time for an update for our Satio's that justifies its high price tag. We Satio users also want the basic features to be fixed e.g. kinetic scrolling added to whole UI; RDS added to radio; etc....

WHY is this phone entertainment LIMITED when its supposed to be entertainment UNLIMITED?

A petition for Sony Ericsson to give us the features we want on our Satio.

Here is a list of what we Satio users want:

* Upgrade to symbian^3 (the x10 is getting android 2.1, also the Satio doesn't utilize symbian^1 properly; also this could help you compete against the nokia n8 which has a 12mp camera)

** HD recording (the x10 is getting HD recording why not the Satio it has the required cpu to handle HD recording, this would also help you compete agianst the nokia n8)

1) Kinetic scrolling throughout the whole UI

2) Give Vivaz home screen

3) Media search function in media player

4) Make phone louder (loudspeaker when receiving call, when playing music out loud)

5) Auto continuous focusing whilst recording

6) Better picture quality e.g. sharpness, less compression and faster camera menu

7) Auto change to full qwerty mode if you make you phone landscape from alphanumeric mode

8) Integrated EQ in media player (allowing you to manually set your EQ: up all SE's had this)

9) Fix the screen lag that some people have (screen tearing), this is due to the software

10) Fix clock problem (clock losing time)

11) Proper zoom in media (When you zoom the photo enlarges but does not fill the whole screen! why?)

12) Upgrade the web browser to V7

13) Add smart search to dialler (previous SE phones had it)

14) Improve microphone quality (video/sound recording is very quiet)

15) Ability to play HD films on phone; also divx/xvid support

16) RDS in radio.

17) Change volume level and tracks whilst the phone is locked.

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