Cricket Australia (and 9 Network inc WIN TV / NBN)

It's time that TV viewers are able to see a complete game of Cricket on TV. Only so many people can make it to a game and therefore the people who don't get there should have to miss out on overs due to other programming.

I believe that there is no need to stop broadcasting the cricket to broadcast other programming (Antiques Roadshow or News as examples) when cricket game is still being played.

There is no reason why the cricket broadcast can not be moved to GEM fulltime, here are some good examples:

Better viewing for your viewers, GEM is a HD channel
No need to interrupt for your News broadcasts (happy to see the news after the cricket broadcast)
No need to waste valuable advert time slots advising your viewers that the usual broadcasting has changed due to the cricket broadcast.

I am unaware of any other LIVE broadcast of sport that gets interrupted by standard programming, can't remember ever seeing Channel 7 interrupt the Australian Open with a full News broadcast.

It's 2012 and everything else is going towards HD, yet currently all we see on the HD channel is repeats of shows filmed in low definition. Sport is a BIG thing in Australia, Subscription TV viewers get to see sports in HD, it's time Free-To-Air viewers were given the same experience!

We the undersigned, call on Cricket Australia and Channel 9 / WIN TV / NBN to make the changes in their programming whilst broadcasting the Cricket.

We request that you move all Cricket Broadcasting to GEM (Local & Metro) and leave your usual scheduled programming to be played on Nine / Win / NBN. Allowing your TV viewers to see all matches completely (Test, ODI, T20) in HD quality.

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