#Roads & Transport
City of Issaquah
United States of America

The Issaquah Highlands has many blind crosswalks which make it difficult for drivers to see if a pedestrian is waiting to cross the street or even in the middle of the street. We need to figure out a way to solve this before someone gets killed.

The City of Issaquah has many options to explore: 1) Crosswalk lights 2) Speed bumps 3) Improved signage 4) Awareness campaigns 5) Remove trees that block driver's view of the crosswalk 6) Remove parking spaces around crosswalks.

We'd like to start by installing Smart Crosswalk systems on all crosswalks. This would include lights that flash on-demand after a pedestrian pushes a button before attempting to cross the street.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Issaquah to improve the visibility of Issaquah Highlands crosswalks.

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