Middle Creek High School
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Middle Creek High School is providing a compromised learning environment for students. In room 3320 there is a hole in the back right ceiling of the room, right above an electrical box. When it rains, water leaks directly into the electrical box. Last time I checked, electricity and water did not mix! This is a blatant electrocution risk. This leak has been freely flowing (during rainy days) since late September and there has been no attempt to fix it. This has caused a serious medical issue for the teacher in room 3320.

A mere two weeks before finals, the biology teacher in 3320 was hospitalized and nearly faced death. After multiple medical tests, it was concluded by her doctors that she was suffering from prolonged mold exposure. She requested simply to move to another room so she could continue teaching. She was told the room was safe, and that she was not allowed to move classrooms. Within a day of moving back to her classroom, her health began to rapidly deteriorate once more.

All proper authorities have been contacted and have done nothing to help this situation! The teacher in room 3320 now has to resign because the room she was given to teach in, is killing her! This is unfair, unjust and simply not human! This teacher was forced to choose between her love to teach and her health! This is an amazing teacher who has to leave in the middle of the school semester because the teaching conditions of her classroom have been dangerously impaired! What do you think that means for the learning conditions for the students!?

Help me get signatures to protest this dangerous situation and get this room fixed! This CANNOT be let go! It needs to be properly addressed, and Middle Creek has not done so!

Please sign you name, meaning you support the cause and think this problem should be fixed! Thank you in advance!

Please feel free to contact your local news sources to help make this go viral as well!

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