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As a student at The University of Tampa, I believe that the University must improve the state of its recycling program to a level comparable to both the surrounding Tampa Bay community and institutions of higher education nationwide. In its current state, the University’s recycling program barely meets the most basic of needs in that:
• Only one dorm has a full recycling program.
• Students in other dorms are expected to transport recyclables to one of three single-stream recycling locations but are not given recycling bins to do so.
• Recycling in public and academic spaces is extremely limited and poorly marked such that many students are not aware of the existing, though limited, resources.
• High consumption areas such as classrooms and recreational facilities are almost completely lacking in recycling resources.
• Students are currently performing tasks in the University recycling program that are performed by Facilities and Housekeeping staff at other universities.

All of these deficits exist despite the fact that:
• Student interest in recycling and sustainability initiatives is at an all-time high.
• Recycling has become so commonplace in our society that students are shocked when they arrive at UT and find such limited resources.

The University plays an extremely important role in shaping the values and ideals of the student community, as well as the surrounding Tampa Bay community. Given the incredible importance of resource conservation in the modern world, I find it necessary for the University to offer a recycling program that promotes environmental ethics and helps students to conduct their daily lives sustainably.

I, a member of the University of Tampa community, call on the Board of Trustees to offer a recycling program that promotes environmental ethics and helps students conduct their daily lives sustainably by including full recycling programs in all dorms and allowing easier access to recycling bins in high consumption areas.

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