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London Borough of Redbridge
United Kingdom

There is a small play area in Roding Valley Park, off Onslow Gardens E18, containing three items of play equipment that were installed about 5 years ago. Although in reasonable condition, this equipment is designed for older children and the play area is not signposted.

Also the Council's contractors did not cut the grass often enough this year. As a result, the area is underused. At the same time there is a significant number of families in the surrounding streets with young children who would like to be able to use the play area.

The play area would be a significant enhancement to the local community if it had additional equipment suitable for younger children, and was maintained and promoted better by the Council.

We the undersigned request Redbridge Council to improve the play area at Onslow Gardens by installing more equipment suitable for younger children and by ensuring that the grass is cut regularly and often.

This will increase the usage of this currently under-used facility and enhance the provision of play equipment for the growing numbers of young families in the area.

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