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Norfolk County Council
United Kingdom

These are the changes which need to be made to ensure safety for pedestrians and residents. Install CCTV cameras so that we can identify which vehicles are hitting our cars and not stopping. I am sick and tired of paying for accidents caused by hit and run drivers. My car has been hit 6 times since I moved to the Bury Road. Local Counsellors are useless and do nothing.

I do not wish to attend meetings that go nowhere. There needs to be a set speed limit along this road of 30 mph. Traffic Lights and pedestrian crossing so that we can cross the road safely. Careless and negligent drivers must be caught and brought to justice. Ban HGV travelling southwards towards Bury St Edmunds. The road is far too narrow to accommodate HGV travelling in both directions. Police should uphold the law and prevent HGV travelling south. Also I want to see an end to speeding cyclists using pavements along Bury Road. This is unsafe for pedestrians.

I also want to see a ban on HGV travelling northwards. This causes safety issues. Other vehicles keep smashing their cars on their way South. They instinctively keep veering to the left and this is a safety issue for pedestrians and those trying cross the very dangerous road.

Ban HGV travelling North and South on the A134 Bury Road section. Install CCTV cameras along this stretch of Road, particularly where there are residential homes and parked cars.

Hit and run accidents are a daily occurrence. Drivers do not stop and accept liability and this is unacceptable. This will reduce the amount of claims made to insurance companies and make this road safer for its residents.

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