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Northampton Borough Council
United Kingdom

Sign this Petition against the conditions of the roads in Northampton. I always dread this time of the year as my car's MOT is due and for the past few years, I have had to pay on average of £400 and this time of £600 on repairs for the damages to my car to pass its MOT.

It is unfair of me to say that the Council does not do any work, but the work they do is just patch up jobs rather than just spend some of their budget were it is most needed. I do not know how much it would cost to resurface a road like St-Edmunds Road in Abington, however I know the damage it does cause to a private car.

They always talk about changing the road system so less private cars are used to save the environment, but a combination of bad roads which damage wheels, damages caused by the sleeping policemen, which have in the past damaged exhausts on my cars, which would definitely effect the environment, expensive public transport, bad traffic lights system, traffic lights where they are not needed to be used, ie: the traffic lights on the round about of bottom of the horseshoe street, the idea of the light is good but how many sets? These all add up. Every year the car tax goes up, council tax goes up but the roads conditions always stays the same and spending the budget on the wrong priorities.

Prevention is always better than cure, in the long run it will be cheaper and beneficial to all.

As council tax payers and members of this community, we would like our council to spend more money and fix the roads that we drive on as the roads are in such a poor condition. They are spending the budget where it is not needed and not spending it where it is most needed.

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