Right Honourable Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada

We love Canada and embrace Canadian values. We believe Canada represents freedom, peace and compassion. Living in a democracy affords us the right to be heard and listened to. We have hopes and dreams to build a better future for our families.

The challenges that we face is living apart from our spouses for a very lengthy time. Canadian Visa offices that are completing 80% of cases within 2 years time or more as published from Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website. This does not even include the time for stage one approval of sponsor. Many applicants have had to complete medical examination again because one year validity has expired from the delays in processing applications.

This has had a detrimental effect of creating undue hardship and anxiety for sponsoring spouses and their families. Our plans to build a future with our families are put on hold far too long.

We have plans upon being re-unified with our spouse, whether it be starting a family with the addition of a newborn baby or commencing higher education studies or starting a new career.

WHEREAS: The processing times at Canadian Visa Offices of outland spouse sponsorship applications that exceed one year is unjust, inhumane and unreasonable to sponsoring spouses and their families.

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, call upon the Conservative Government of Canada, to request a more respectable, humane and reasonable processing time within 30 days for Stage 1 sponsor approval time and within 6 months for Stage 2 sponsored spouse applicant from Canadian Visa offices to be re-united with our spouses.

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