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Drivers and Users of the Logan Motorway

To anyone who has used or uses on regular basis there is a high level of frustration with the level of Government inaction over the state of the Logan Motorway.

It is time the people were listened to and action taken to improve the service levels on this Motorway.

This petition seeks a number of outcomes all of which I believe will help resolve some of the issues on the Logan Motorway and Gateway Bridge:

1. The toll road provider should be compelled to provide service level agreements to its customers. If the provider cannot meet the service level agreements then any tolls taken for the period of failure should be refunded to the customers.

2. If any section of the Motorway is under going road works or maintenance then that section of the motorway should have its toll removed until such time that the road works are finished.

3. Tolls should be suspended for peak travel periods.

4. The Queensland Government should introduce legislation that requires heavy transport to remain in the left lanes of the motorway at all times. Unless the vehicle needs to exit or move right for E-Toll. This law should also be extended to all other multi lanes roads in Queensland.

5. The toll road provider should be forced to introduce free flowing E-Toll for heavy transport in the left hand lanes of all toll plazas.

6. Customers should be given access to a system that allows for compensation for loss of business dude to delays and failures cause by the toll road provider failing to provide an effective service.

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