#City & Town Planning
Shropshire council
United Kingdom

We buried our mother in Nov 2011, we have asked the council can we put our own benches at our own cost in the cemetery. This has been refused but they are giving us the option to purchase 1 bench from them at the cost of £820.00 (2 seater).

They have informed us that there will only be one bench placed in the cemetery, how do they expect every one to go visit their loved ones without sitting down and relaxing?

I think the council find it acceptable for the older generation to stand in the wet grass grieving with no seats, when we visit our mum we are there for hours and i myself have problems standing for long periods of time, so how are the older generation supposed to be able to say goodbye in private standing for hours?

There is no where to sit and nothing to lean on they are very unsteady on their feet, this eventually will cause some one to fall over or collapse in the grass. The council are not giving the support needed to accommodate the families visiting Emstrey cemetery

Please sign below to allow us to have the benches of our choice as we do need more than 1.

We are the ones using it not the council.

I don't want to sit on the wet grass do you?

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