#Consumer Affairs
Collectors of Mattel's DC Universe Classic Action Figures.
United States of America

Since the inception of DC Universe Classic action figures, Wal-Mart has done a horrible job of distribution. Wal-Mart does not consider them toys, but collectibles. Wal-Mart has admitted to distributing DCUC to only 1800 of their 7000 stores. Wal-Mart even had a Mattel exclusive wave of action figures. But distribution on this exclusive was horrible, leaving many collectors/consumers unable to purchase them.

With Mattel creating another exclusive wave of action figures to Wal-Mart, many collectors/consumers are worried that they might not be able to find them. Wal-Mart needs to improve their distribution and make sure every store gets this upcoming wave with plenty of stock for everyone.

We, the undersigned, are requesting that Wal-Mart improves their distribution of Mattel's DC Universe Classics, to make sure that each of Wal-Mart's 7000 stores receive the upcoming Wave 10, or otherwise known as the Wal-Mart wave.

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