#Animal Welfare
Representatives of the horse racing industry
United States of America

Behind the glamour, flashing lights, cheers, and money, the horses in the racing industry are being abused through harsh track conditions, performance-enchancing drugs, being raced to soon in their lives, and being sent to slaughter when their use is no longer needed.

When signing this, you will support and be a part of the letters I will send a letter including this petition to local horse racing officials in the midatlantic region to bring awareness and help improve the conditions these horses have to endure.

There is more power in larger numbers. Thank you!

We the undersigned wish to see more improvements made to the conditions of racehorses in the horse racing industry, such as restricting use of performance enhancing drugs, improving track conditions, and ensuring better futures of horses after their racing career, avoiding slaughter.

With these changes, more people might be involved with the sport knowing that these beautiful animals are getting the proper care and treatment they deserve.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

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